Monday, September 26, 2005

Other People's Reviews

This page is for the purpose of linking reviews from other people to my review list. It is exclusively for people I know. It is intended for books I have not reviewed and do not own. If you want a book to be connected in that I do own, or that I have already reviewed, I will link it to that page, or that title. Also feel free to just comment on the exising review with your own review. As you are writing reviews to be linked in through this site, please make their site names as follows: for example, if you were reviewing The Great Divorce your site would be

If you want to use an account for this purpose that I have already set up, just contact me. I probably won't let yuo unless I know you. Sorry.

Please also follow the main format for reviewing as seen on my other reviews.

Rating: 0-10




-Patrick Barringer